IFEX 2019

Our team completed its March tour of Southeast Asian furniture exhibitions in Indonesia, Jakarta, and this year’s International Furniture Expo (IFEX) 2019.

Recently,the world media shared the news that the government of Indonesia has made the decision that Jakarta would no longer be the capital of the island state. The reasons are known long ago – predictions are that by 2050 the city will most likely be underwater. The move may take a decade, and by then Jakarta will defend its position as an administrative and economic center of the capital of the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country. At its center, between 11 and 14 March, the largest Indonesian furniture fair IFEX was held.

This year’s event was highlighted by a record-breaking expansion of the exhibition area, thanks to the so-called Open Space zone, which was filled with 20 stands of diverse companies and their products. Participants shared that this new position helped them attract visitors’ attention much easier and their sales during the event increased by 50% compared to last year.

Every year the exhibitors’ interest to take part in the IFEX continue to grow. Most of them are frequent exhibitors who have enjoyed great benefit by joining IFEX, particularly in terms of sales and promotion of products to the global market. There are also new exhibitors who are looking to expand their market and increase sales. Some of the new exhibitors said IFEX has become one of the biggest furniture and crafts exhibitions in the world. These exhibitors have already expressed their interest to return to IFEX next year and even in the following years.

“We continue to encourage our members to improve the quality of their products in terms of the design, technology, finishing, packaging, as well as the ability to meet buyers’ demand,” said Soenoto, Chairman of the Indonesia Furniture Industry and Craft Association (HIMKI). The latter part is particularly important because many buyers who made a follow-up transaction after the exhibition is ended. The value of the follow-up transaction is even higher than the on-the-spot transaction. IFEX 2019 managed to book a total transaction of US$1.270 billion and also managed to attract 12.000 visitors and buyers.

Transaction value is not the main objective of the organizing of IFEX. The exhibition is the window that shows the growth of the country’s furniture and craft industry. It also shows the industry’s excellence in terms of the design, characteristics, the craftsmen skill, the quality of the material and the advantage of the abundance of raw material and human resources in Indonesia.

IFEX is expected to be the furniture sourcing hub not only in Indonesia but also in Southeast Asia’s region. IFEX is part of the furniture exhibition circuit in Asia. By becoming the hub for the region, IFEX is hoped to take up more roles to help the furniture and craft industry players nationwide to establish connections and interactions with buyers in Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.

More information about the results of IFEX 2019 or what to expect from in in 2020 visit www.ifexindonesia.com or follow the news in our upcoming issues.

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