Please read carefully the terms and conditions, before using the Website. Ifyou are accessing this Website, it is considered that you agree with the general terms. If you DO NOT AGREE with the terms, do not use the Website.

The current terms settle the relations between Bismar LTD (also called MD magazine) on one side and the Customers of electronic (Internet) websites and services located at the domain MD magazine and its sub domains (also called Website) on the other side; as well as the relations of the above mentioned when using the information and trading services offered by Bismar LTD (also called Services).

These terms and conditions are relate to all customers. By clicking on each object,link or button on the website MD magazine (excluding the link to the current General Terms) the Customer agrees, entirely accepts and is obliged to follow the current General Terms.

Bismar LTD is a company registered according to the Commerce Act of Republic of Bulgaria, with current residence and address of administration: Sofia; 20 Borova Gora ST Unique; VAT no.:BG121810777.

1.General terms and conditions for using the Website of MD magazine

The customer understands and accepts the condition that the information services and the Website are submitted in “as they are” and also the fact that MD magazine does not take any responsibility for the timeliness, termination and impossibility of giving any information regarding closed orders of the customer, his or other customers’ opinions and valuations of products, information for products not held on stock, as well as caused damages, missed benefits and other losses, which occurred after, in result of or by using (or the impossibility of using because of technical difficulties,prophylaxis, or decisions, taken by the administrator, etc ) the Website. In case that as a result of using the Website or the materials inside, any damages are caused, which will lead to the need of repair of any equipment or restoration of any information, the customer takes all the responsibility and expenses connected with repair of the caused damages.

To use the Website, the Customer must get an access to the World Wide Web directly or by any other devices, which have access to Web based content. The Customer also needs to personally have all the necessary devices in order to access the World Wide Web, including personal computer, modem or another device which provides access to Internet. MD magazine only provides information for the Website and does not take any responsibility for disturbance or technical problems (caused by using the electronic computer devices of the user) that hinder the use of the Website.

2. Responsibilities of the Customer when registering to the Website

When using the Website, the Customer agrees to provide correct, accurate, current and full personal information when filling the registration form (from now on called “Personal Data”); In case the Customer provides any false, incorrect, not current or incomplete data, MD magazine has the right to close and/or terminate the information regarding his mailing address and deny future access to part of or all services.

3. Protection of Personal Data. Confidential Policy of MD magazine

According to the Personal Data Protection Act, the Customer has the right to access his own Personal Data as well as correcting the data which he has entered or have become property of MD magazine in the course of using the Website.

By accepting the current Conditions, Customers who already filled in the Registration form explicitly agree that the provided Personal Data will be processed by MD magazine on a web based order when delivering goods or services and when assistance of MD magazine agent is needed.

All voluntary shared Personal Data and other data by the costumer, which identify them in the process of using the Website are saved,processed and used by MD magazine for the purpose of maintenance of particular functions of the provided services and the advertisement of goods and services offered by the MD magazine commercial network.

MD magazine explicitly informs the Customer, that the Personal Data provided is not given to third party users for advertising or promotional purposes. Irregular can be submitted bids on behalf of the partners of the MD.

MD magazine keeps the right to use the IP addresses and other data of the customers for revealing their identity in case of implementing the law, law procedures and keeping the current conditions.

4. Copyright and Restrictions related.

MD magazine gives the right to the customers to use all services on the Website only for personal needs with non-commercial purposes,in case they don’t break the Copyright of MD magazine or third party directly or indirectly connected with the materials and information on the Website. The change of the materials on the Website is forbidden as well as copying, public performance and spreading, or providing the materials with any social or commercial purpose. The usage of the materials on this Internet Site in other websites is forbidden.

MD magazine keeps the right to give the rights for publishing any materials, parts of the Website information to third party in case of additionally concluded contract, which arranges the rights and responsibilities in writing between MD magazine and the third party which is publishing the information.

When purchasing any products, which are subjects of copyright or patent rights, Technomarket does not give any additional rights of using and publication.

All products and services which MD magazine offers to its customers, protected by the Law of Copyright and related rights are in their original appearance, packing and.

The links provided on the MD magazine Website to other websites,property of third party are published only for the comfort o MD magazine f the customers.When using such links the customers do not use services, given by Technomarket and after using these links, the current Terms and Conditions are not of use for the customers anymore.

MD magazine does not control these websites and does not take any responsibility for any of them or their contents. In this way Technomarket does not oblige and does not recommend these websites to customers, neither the information published inside. Visiting such websites and all related risks are within the complete responsibility of the customer.

5. Products and services offered by the Website.

Information of the products on the Website, distributed in classes and subclasses;

The site of each item, offered by the Website gives information about the price, main characteristics and additional information of the item, with the purpose of providing the greatest information possible for customer’s choice. MD magazine does not take responsibility for any incorrect description of the item, which is not connected with its main characteristics and does not pretend for completely detailed information.

MD magazine keeps the right to publish names, models and other information for the items in English, when:

a) There is a risk, that valuable information might be lost along with the translation.

b) There isn’t common and similar terminology in Bulgarian.

c) The item itself brings information in English, e.g. Software, music, movies in English

All prices on the Website are in BGN with taxes included. In case the item has several modifications, the Website will show the prices of each one of them.

MD magazine has the right to make changes in the published information for the products, services and prices at any time and without notice. Some of the items may not be up to date and MD magazine does not take responsibility to actualize them. It is possible that part of the information published on the Website might be related with products or services, which are not available at present time.

6. Buying products/services offered in MD magazine

The customer has the right to purchase products and services offered by MD magazine. When making an order, the customer can choose products, their quantity, delivery terms and condition according to the Website possibilities offered.

The customer can change the chosen products and services anytime before finalizing the purchasing.

When making an order on the Website, the customer gets into contractual relations with Bismar LTD as far as the particular item, terms and conditions are concerned. The purchasing is finalized after submission according to the instructions on the website.

MD magazine keeps the right to change prices at its own will, at any time, without notifying the customers. The customer is obliged to pay the price which was offered on the website at the time the purchasing was done, regardless of the fact that the most current price might be lower or higher. In case of any technical difficulties in publishing the Website, MD magazine has the right to refuse completing the purchasing and does not owe any refund in any way to the customer, except returning money, paid by the customer up to this moment, if there is any.

7. Delivery of purchased products

The deadline for delivery of the ordered goods to the order to your home is Ramkin to 4 working days for Bulgaria after receiving the order confirmation, the deadline may be extended for holidays and / or weekends with the period of holidays. In all cases, the delay in the deadlines for delivery, which will be notified promptly by our collaborator. Abroad period can be up to 14 days.

The delivery of ordered goods shall be selected by the user in a manner and according to specified terms. MD magazine reserves the right to extend the deadlines by up to seven (7) days without prior information to users, and extended periods of more than 7 (seven) days prior agreement for the territory of Bulgaria, by the user, said delivery.

The cost of a delivery varies depending on the type and size of the product, the delivery address and the number of products in the order ..

MD magazine may require additional confirmation, including telephone, fax, e-mail of the completed order. If the user refuses to provide the required information by MD magazine, the refusal of grant automatically lead to cancellation of the contract with or without further notice to the User.

Delivery cost is specified in the information published article itself and automatically calculates the value of the contract.

Delivery is made:

  1. For Bulgaria, courier, delivery to door
  2. Abroad by post office to mailbox

MD magazine is not responsible for delay if the delay is due to the fault of the courier delivery and / or circumstances outside of MD magazine circumstances.

Upon shipment, the goods should be examined carefully by the User and / or his representative. In the examination of externally visible defects – any damage, shock and other damages identified on delivery, the Customer must contact the MD magazine for clarification of replacement

Upon delivery of the goods, the Customer or a third party designated by him, shall be required to sign the documents accompanying it. A third party is any person who is not the holder of the application, but take the goods at the delivery address specified by the Customer for delivery.

If the user is not found within the time of delivery to the given address and / or there is no access to the delivery address, MD magazine is released from its obligation to deliver the goods and the consumer loses their rights carried out by his contract for the supply of goods.

Where the goods supplied do not appear to correspond to purchase requested by the user, and this can be verified by simple inspection of the goods supplied, the user may request the delivered goods to be replaced by a corresponding committed by him for the purchase of goods within 24 email or phone +359 2866 46 72

MD magazine reserves the right to change the subcontractor making the delivery, without being obliged to inform the customer, as long as it does not reflect the manner and time of delivery.

MD magazine delivers through a subcontractor / and across the world.

8. Payment of purchased products and services.

When the Customer is paying cash, he is obliged to deposit the full amount of the order at the moment of the delivery to MD magazine or its representative who is performing the delivery. In case the customer rejects partially or entirely the purchased products no more than one week after the delivery, MD magazine is obliged to return the money partially or entirely to the customer. In case the customer does not reject the products, MD magazine automatically accepts the deposit as payment of the products and services.

When the Customer performs bank transfer, he is obliged to transfer amount equal to the amount of the purchased product to a bank account of Bismar LTD , indicated in the generated invoice, and as soon as the deposit is confirmed the delivery will be performed. In case the customer rejects partially or entirely the purchased products no more than one week after the delivery, MD magazine is obliged to return the money partially or entirely to the customer. In case the customer does not reject the products, MD magazine automatically accepts the deposit as payment of the products and services.

When the Customer is paying through virtual Point of Sale(POS) terminal, he is obliged do deposit the full amount of the order through the POS device, and as soon as the transaction of the deposit is confirmed the delivery will be performed. In case the customer rejects partially or entirely the purchased products no more than one week after the delivery, MD magazine is obliged to return the money partially or entirely to the customer. In case the customer does not reject the products, MD magazine automatically accepts the deposit as payment of the products and services.

9. Rejecting already purchased product.

The customer has the right to reject one or more of the purchased products in 7-day period after the product was delivered, provided that the particular product has the same physical condition as it had when it was delivered. If it was packaged – the package must not be opened or damaged(the delivery package can be opened) and any labels or stamps which purpose is to show the product was unwrapped or used, are not damaged.

10. Digital edition – payments via SMS

In the pages of the issues that can purchasdigital edition form shall wipe away box entitled “Get the electronic edition of this issue.” This service is available only in Bulgaria and subscribers Mobiltel, Globul and Vivatel. To use the SMS service send SMS with text MDMAG, as follows: for copies of the current year number 1094 value of 4.80.; Prior year number 1092 worth 2.40 lev (prices include VAT)

11. Others

MD magazine has the right to change the technology and design of the provided services without any preliminary notice.

MD magazine keeps the right to send messages and notifications to its customers, regarding new services, promotions, or changes related to the terms and conditions of the current services.

Technical consultations are available online through the Website, or by phone: from 9:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday.

The current terms and conditions may be updated at any time without any notification of the Costumers. MD magazine does not take any responsibilities if the Costumer has not read the final draft of the current terms and Conditions.

When using the services of MD magazine, the costumer is obliged to obey the current terms and conditions as well as all other terms, placed by the legislation of Republic of Bulgaria and the international legislation, even if they are not mentioned in the current terms.


MD magazine contacts as follows:

Bulgaria, 1164 Sofia, 20 Borova Gora St.

Тel. : +359 2866 46 72