The Magazine

In Bulgaria it is the first and the only one specialized magazine for furniture design, materials, machines and technologies for furniture and woodworking industry. The magazine is intended for producers of furniture, doors and windows, designers, architects, experts in furniture and woodworking industry, professors and students at the universities in Bulgaria.
We give our readers the possibility to have a look at passed and imminent fairs and exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad, news about design and construction of furniture, innovative inner architecture for the house and the office, new materials, furniture and architectural fittings, technologies and machines for furniture and woodworking industry, also detailed information about producers and dealers of furniture, windows, doors and other timber products and equipment. In DMT you will find research articles, articles about software and hardware for the branch, organizations, and scientific analyses, practical advises for producers, education, short announcements and advertisement.
The circulation is 2000. We distribute DMT in the entire country trough our distributors, trough subscription (we have more than 1600 subscribers in Bulgaria), you can find it at all the specialized fairs and exhibitions, in the bookstores of the Technical University, University of Forestry and other Universities.
Since 2010 DMT magazine is member of FSM. FSM – the International Woodworking and Furniture Suppliers Magazines’ Association is a non governmental organization.It`s members are B2B magazines ones that are published to address at least to one of the following industries: Timber, woodworking, furniture supplies, semi finished products, machinery & tools industries as well as all related equipment and materials to produce furniture.
The member magazines of FSM are supposed to be the best ones in each country following the criteria of content quality, circulation and representational ability of the market. Only one magazine from one country can be the member of FSM.
In 2014, DMT Magazine and  the Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry / BCWFI / began their official partnership. In each issue of the separate pages, BCWFI publishe their current news and events. Each BCWFI member receives a DMT journal notice.