BLUM: New ideas for a better life

Blum with a new  look at the leading exhibition Interzum 2019 in Cologne.

At this year’s Interzum, BLUM introduced new products such as the new box system, MERIVOBOX, SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS HK top, the SPACE STEP plinth solution and the new  product category Pocket systems- all with a new image line called “moving ideas”. The specialist in fittings also introduced new accessories such as the MINIPRESS top in combination with the  automated system, EASYSTICK, as well as additional services for easier and faster installation.

SERVO-DRIVE smart concept

In the future, lift systems, pull-out mechanisms, dishwashers and refrigerators will be serviced only with voice. BLUM‘s concept shows how built-in kitchen technologies, combined with innovative solutions, can provide additional comfort.  For example, with simple orders thanks to the  SERVO-DRIVE smart concept, individual or multiple flush systems and cabinets could be combined together and open or close simultaneously.

You can read more about BLUM at Interzum in DMT 4/2019

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