On February 12, 2019, at 5:30 pm in Seriakova House Gallery (6, Angel Kanchev Street, Troyan) is opening the exhibition “THE CHAIR AS A SIMBOL”, which will present the influence of European design and architecture in post-liberation Bulgaria.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the announcement of Troyan as a city and is part of the exhibitions held in June 2018 in Sofia. What is new in it is the representation of the art of making chairs in Troyan – from the craft to the modern industry.

The project traces the European influence on the development of architecture and furniture production in Bulgaria, in particular in the town of Troyan, from the Liberation to the end of the First World War, in the context of one of its most striking pieces of furniture – the chair.

In a catalog devoted to the exhibition, a special place has been dedicated to Troyan production and its development in the years – from crafts to modern industry.

The presented collection shows the evolution of the chair in Bulgaria, as well as antique objects typical of the epoch. In parallel, the theme is further developed in the works of significant, contemporary Bulgarian and European artists who recreate their perception of the surrounding world through the symbolism of the chair.

The exhibition will be opened by the art scientist Boryana Valchanova with the presentation of a sophisticated, bilingual accompanying catalog. The texts in it were prepared by her, with the kind support of the director of the Museum of Crafts Eleonora Avdzhieva and the financial support of the companies producing chairs in Troyan.
BISMAR publishing house will also presents a special presentation of the development of the chair design from different points of view.

The exhibition was initiated by the Municipality of Troyan in partnership with the Sereakova House Gallery, the INTRO Gallery and the Troyan-Mebel Association of Woodworkers and Furniture Producers.

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